It Never Ends: 2016

Installation at The White Page Gallery, June-July 2016, featuring 3-dimensional mixed-media drawings.

Photos by Sam Hoolihan.

More info on this show:

It Never Ends transforms The White Page Gallery into a room-sized pop-up book of mixed-media drawings. You’re invited to enter: come meet monsters, hybrids and hyenas as they couple and disintegrate in a busted world of factories, basements, swamps, and the body of the earth. Find the thread that draws you down past your first glance, follow willingly and find your aches and pains, your sorrows and fears. Notice the crust along your wounds, and wake up your ability to heal.

Weaving myth, autobiography, and current events, Simpkins' work pushes transformation. Newspapers and books on old wars get buried with ink and graphite, then unearthed as creature and form. Collective history gets swallowed by leviathan dreamscapes, the dying salt marshes and fetid love of her New England home. One figure, caught as it becomes another, calls you inward. Don’t you want to see what opens when you look?

Night of the opening::
special in-art appearances by
Talia Mailman playing solo harp
Darren Angle reading
Migrane making loud music