Artist : Woman of Letters


Scylla & Circe Press


Scylla has become my patron monster - a hurricane of female, male, fish, dogteeth, rage, insight, transformation, and clear vision from the underside. Circe provides the meditation, and the trickster smarts. Together, they carry forward the sacred responsibility of drawing from the grand mirror of our times: reproducing and multiplying until we can see ourselves.



Scylla is a monster from classical myth, most famous for her deadly association with Chybardis - both personifications of treacherous, rocky waterways which Odysseous' ships barely survived. The dominant story says she was loved by a fisherman named Glaucus, but she didn't love him back. Glaucus asked Circe the witch to make Scylla love him. Instead, says the dominant story, Circe became jealous and wanted Glaucus' love for herself, and she transformed Scylla into a monster with serpent tails and nine dogs sprouting from her loins. Glaucus continued to love Scylla, Scylla spent the rest of her life as a monster, and Circe got up to some other mischief. 


Circe is a witch from classical myth, most famous for her talents at transforming men into animals - specifically, for lacing a banquet with a magical potion that transformed Odysseus' men into pigs when they landed on her island home. She is sometimes identified as the daughter of Hecate, triple goddess of the underworld.


I see Scylla as a snake-goddess, a truth-teller, a bullshit cutter, a breaker-of-barriers, and like to imagine that she and Circe were the real lovers, pressing their shape-shifting bodies together at the edge between land, sea, and sky.



Scylla & Circe Press is in my basement! A printmaking studio in South Minneapolis, with a 15" x 30" Conrad etching press, a Showcard relief press, and screen printing! Come visit! Make prints!