Psychidae Salome & The Seven Veils: 2013

MFA Thesis exhibition installation and performance at the Grunwald Gallery in Bloomington, IN. Psychidae Salome is a fictional species of moth; she consumes text and from it fashions a cocoon of whirling images and lace. In this performance, she danced while shedding seven veils, like caterpillars who molt seven times and like Salome who danced for Herod. Then, she packed up her cocoon and left the building. She returned as a moth, then ended the performance in death, leaving behind her lacey shrouds. 

Salome is a moth: 2011

Experimental installation and performance at Murphy Building open studios in Indianapolis, IN. A human-sized cocoon trailing heaps of text was installed in a stairwell, while viewers encountered a fluttering moth-creature who whirled through the building and appeared in unexpected places.