Escape from the golden cage

Album art for Ossa Moon, a five-member project out of Minneapolis




Album art for Byssus, a duo out of Santa Cruz, CA.

More info about this project coming soon

Knotted Orbits-FINAL- front - sm.jpg

Knotted Orbits

Album art for the solo project of Brenna Sahatjian, out of Portland, OR.

herbroom logo

Logo design for Portland, ME based herbalist, Jennifer Nelson.

(Featuring elder flower, lady's mantle, dandelion & a basket of lavender!)

The Ouroboric

The Ouroboric

Etching for commission, responding to patron's description of the ouroborus as a self-isolating and anxious mind. Dandelions sprout in the otherwise arid ground, offering a potential escape route...

Call The Dogs In, Its The Weather

False (untitled)

Album cover for the 2015 untitled release from Minneapolis-based black metal band, False.

Centerfold from false (untitled) album cover